M5 is a makerspace for ECE undergraduate students. It is located on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus in Marcus Hall, Room 5.


M5 is a lab/study space at the University of Massachusetts Amherst created to support Computer Systems Engineering (CSE) and Electrical Engineering (EE) undergraduates. This website is designed to foster M5 activities but we hope the online tutorials will also be useful to those outside the UMass Amherst community.

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When school is in session, M5 follows this schedule:
Monday - Thursday --> 10 AM - 8 PM;
Friday --> 10 AM - 5 PM;

Saturday --> Closed;
Sunday -->Closed

M5 is comprised of several types of rooms. The four M5 meeting rooms support group study activities as well as TA office hours. The Great Room features the M5 demilounge and six 20 inch iMacs which can be booted up in Mac OS X or Windows XP. The demilounge is an excellent place to catch your breath between classes. The soldering/assembly room features several temperature-controlled soldering stations and heat guns. This is where prototyping boards and printed circuit boards get soldered and mechanical assembly takes place. The parts room features hundreds of free electronics parts and a storage area for student projects. Studio M5 features gear and software for audio, video and photographic recording and production. The Good Room is available as a general study space but it is also where events such as M5 lab courses, group meetings, talks, discussions, trainings, large group demos and workshops take place. The Round Room features 10 Dell PC-based workstations. The 20 workstations in the Good and Round rooms feature test equipment (signal generators, oscilloscopes and multimeters). They are both available as general study space as well as scheduled events. M5 has specialty gear which can be signed out for student projects: digital camera, audio and video gear. There is also a great deal of old electronic gear (consumer and scientific) available for recycling, upcycling and reverse engineering. There is something here for everybody!

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