Laboratory for Millimeter wave Devices and Applications


    Students working in Professor Jackson's group
often work on novel integrated circuit designs for wireless sensing and communications.  These projects are often done in collaboration with industrial partners such as TriQuint, R. F. MicroDevices, M/a-COM Technologies, IBM, and Raytheon. Examples of recent projects are shown below.


Uses switched inductors and capacitors in gate and drain circuits to switch between 2.4, 3.5, and 5.5 GHz bands.  pHEMT process.  designed by J. Shatzman

SiGe squarer for use in a second harmonic injection system used to linearize a power amplifier designed by H. Yu

Combined PA and LNA switched between transmit and receive by voltage supply to eliminate switch.  Operates at 10 GHz. CMOS process 180nM.  Designed by N. Khandelwal.
Quadrature injection locked oscillator at 10 GHz in 180 nM CMOS.  Combined with a passive IQ mixer.    Designed by R. Johnson.

  A vector gain control for phase/gain control at low IF.  Bi-directonal, 4 quadrant, 6 bits of resolution. Designed by A. Mashayekhi.
Class E HBT PA for a LIST Transmitter.    Designed by J. Xavier.

A 35 GHz LNA and Mixer using a 0.25 uM GaAs pHEMT. Designed by R. Carrillo.

A 22 GHz GaAs Flip Chip LNA. Designed by B. Hou. 

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