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Note: Graduates advised by C. Swift were associated with the Microwave and Remote Sensing Laboratory (MIRSL) and are so noted.
PhD Graduates
Apostolos Georgiadis   Design of a 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver for High Speed Wireless Data Networks   D. Pozar
Wei-Chun Chang   Investigation of Waveguide-Fed Slot and Aperture-Coupled-Patch Antennas   D. Schaubert
Yuan Xia (MIRSL)   Sea-surface Temperature and Sea-Surface Wind-Speed Retrievals from Spaceborne Radiometer Measurements   C. Swift
Sean Duffy   Design and Analysis of Microwave/Millimeter Wave Active Arrays Using a Multilayered Packaging Architecture   D. Pozar
Tan-Huat Chio   Hybrid 3-D Finite Element and Moment Method Analysis for Designing Antennas with Dielectric Covers   D. Schaubert
John Isham (MIRSL)   Large Scale Temporal and Spatial Imaging of Soil Brightness Temperature with an L-band Synthetic Aperture Microwave Radiometer   C. Swift
Timothy Scheve (MIRSL)   Profiling of Atmospheric Water Vapor and Liquid Water with a K-band Spectral Radiometer   C. Swift
Wen Tsai       D. Pozar
Yi-wei Liu   A Study of Circularly Polarized Planar Arrays Using a Radial Line Feed   D. Pozar
Gregory Wunsch   Radiation Characteristics of Dual-Polarized Notch Antenna Arrays   D. Schaubert
Christopher Cherry   Digital and Adaptive Beamforming Techniques for Environmental Remote Sensing Applications   D. Schaubert
Stephen Targonski   Two Selected Topics Involving Theory and Applications of Infinite Arrays of Microstrip Elements   D. Pozar
Pamela Haddad   A Study of Microstrip Antennas for Use in Millimeter Wave Phased Arrays   D. Pozar
Ellen Ferraro (MIRSL)   Analysis of Airborne Radar Altimetry Measurements of the Greenland Ice Sheet   C. Swift
Thomas Metzler   Design and Analysis of a Microstrip Reflectarray   D. Schaubert
Karen St. Germain (MIRSL)   Applications of Spectral Microwave Radiometry to Sensing of Sea Ice and the Ocean Surface   C. Swift
Peter Gaiser (MIRSL)   ESTAR 0 Calibration and Imaging Techniques   C. Swift
Andew Griffis (MIRSL)   Earth Remote Sensing with an Electrically Scanned Thinned Array Radiometer   C. Swift
Naftali Herscovici   Analysis of Aperture Coupled Microstrip Transmission Lines and Antennas   D. Pozar
Michael Cooley   Analysis of Infinite Arrays of Endfire Slot Antennas   D. Schaubert
Frances Harackiewicz   Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering from Microstrip Antennas on Anisotropic Substrates   D. Pozar
Jean-Pierre Bayard   Radiation and Scattering Investigations of Some Canonical Problems: Pulse Maximization for Wire Structures and Finite Difference Analysis of Two-Dimensional Microstrip Structures   D. Schaubert
Alan Tanner (MIRSL)   Aperture Synthesis for Passive Microwave Remote Sensing. The Electronically Scanned Thinned Array Radiometer   C. Swift
Mark Goodberlet (MIRSL)   Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I)   C. Swift
Jeffrey Herd   Scanning Impedance of Proximity Coupled Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Arrays   D. Pozar
James Aberle   Analysis of Probe-fed Circular Microstrip Antennas   D. Pozar
Nirod Das   A Study of Multilayered Printed Antenna Structures   D. Pozar
Christopher Ruf (MIRSL)   Atmospheric Profiling of Water Vapor and Liquid Water with a K-Band Autocorrelation Radiometer   C. Swift
Yoon-Won Kang   Optimization of Pulse Radiation from Dipole Arrays   D. Pozar
Ramakrishna Janaswamy   Radiation Pattern Analysis of Tapered Slot Antenna   D. Schaubert
M.S. Graduates
Christopher J. Yafrate   A Tunable Active Integrated Antenna for Wideband RFID Tag Applications   D. Schaubert
Sreenivas Kasturi   Design Parameters in Single-Polarized, Infinite Arrays of Vivaldi Antennas   D. Schaubert
Nirupama Ravi   A Statistical Model for Narrowband and Wideband Fading Using Equivalent Point Scatterers   R. Janaswamy
Jie Xiong   Studies of the Structure of Metamaterial from View of Wave Propagation   R. Janaswamy
Bharadvaj Podduturi   Design of Lightweight Antennas and Application of Conductive Fabric Materials to Flexible Antennas   D. Pozar
Hong Yu   A Three-Frequency, Dual-Polarized Millimeter Wave Cloud Profiling Radar Antenna   D. Schaubert
Pierre Dufilie   Design Procedures for Series-Fed Linearly Polarized Microstrip Patch Arrays   D. Pozar
Sridhar Kadambala   Dual-polarization Microstrip Patch Antennas for L-band Microwave Radiometry   K. Carver
Hui Zhu   Dual-polarization Cavity-backed Stripline slot antennas for L-band Microwave Radiometry   K. Carver
Katherine Zink   Multi-Layer Frequency Selective Surfaces with Modified Periodicities and Grid Configurations   D. Schaubert
Matthew Agen   Radiometric Water Vapor and Liquid Measurement near 22 GHz   D. Schaubert
Sarah Hudson   Structures for MM-Wave Planar Antenna and Circuitry   D. Pozar
Srinivas Krishnamoorthy       D. Pozar
WeiChun Chang   A New Method for Measuring Phased Array Antennas   D. Schaubert
Mark Zawadski   Commercial Applications of Microstrip Antennas   D. Pozar
Tan-Huat Chio   Finite Element Analysis of Infinite Phased Array Problems   D. Schaubert
Jennifer Munro   Analysis of Balanced Antipodal Vivaldi Antennas   D. Schaubert
Rudolf Pawul (MIRSL)   A High Resolution Radar Altimeter to Measure Topography of Ice Sheets   C. Swift
Matthew Grund (MIRSL)   Operation of a Radar Altimeter over the Greenland Ice Sheet   C. Swift
Cynthia Breton (MIRSL)   L-, S-, and C-band Microwave Radiometers for Soil Moisture and Sea Ice Measurements   C. Swift
Sean Duffy   Design and Analysis of Aperture Coupled Microstrip Subarrays   D. Pozar
Joon Shin   Improved Method of Moments Computations Applied to Tapered Slot Antenna Arrays   D. Schaubert
Yana Zilberberg   Analysis of Single Polarized Stripline-Fed Slot Arrays with Metallic Walls   D. Schaubert
Eyal Gerecht   Reflection Characteristics from Artificially Hard Surfaces of Different Structures   D. Schaubert
Stephen Targonski   Analysis and Design of Circularly Polarized Aperture Coupled Microstrip Patch Arrays   D. Pozar
David Mooradd   Design, Development and Construction of a Dual-Frequency, Dual-Polarized Millimeter Wave Cloud Profiling Radar Antenna   D. Schaubert
Gary Gleason (MIRSL)   The Design and Development of an Analog Complex Correlator and other Subsystems for a Thinned Array Microwave Radiometer   C. Swift
Christopher Cherry   Dual Polarized Microstrip Antennas with Perpendicularly Oriented Feed Substrates   D. Schaubert
James Menashi (MIRSL)   Measurement of Sea Ice Thickness with Microwave Radiometers   C. Swift
Asif Gandhi (MIRSL)   Synthetic Aperture Radar: Issues in Narrow Band System and Images of the Ocean Surface   C. Swift
Jose Colom (MIRSL)   Development of a 35 GHz Network Analyzer Based Polarimetric Scatterometer   C. Swift
Raja Holavanahali       D. Pozar
Andrew Svitak   Investigation of Electrooptics Applied to Microstrip Antennas   D. Pozar
Wen-Jye Hwang (MIRSL)   Image Processing of Remote Sensing Data   C. Swift
Daniel Lathrop   Investigation of Low Sidelobe Series-Fed Arrays of Aperture Coupled Microstrip Patches   D. Schaubert
Rafael Pous   Analysis of a Frequency Selective Surface Using Aperture Coupled Microstrip Patches   D. Pozar
Ajay Asija   Endfire Tapered Slot Antennas and Their Polarization Characteristics   D. Schaubert
Edward Dziadek   Dual Frequency Reflector Antenna Design   D. Schaubert
Timothy Hiett (MIRSL)   Construction of an Electronically Steered Thinned Array Radiometer   C. Swift
Kuo-Hua Hsueh (MIRSL)   An Interactive Image Processing System for SSM/I   C. Swift
Barry Kaufman   Low Sidelobe Microstrip Phased Arrays   D. Pozar
Victor Sanchez   Synthesis of Series-Fed Rectangular Microstrip Patch Arrays   D. Pozar
John Morris (MIRSL)   Ocean Surface Wind Speed Determination from SMMR   C. Swift
Susanne Voda   A Rigorous Analysis of Microstripline Fed Rectangular Patch Antenna   D. Pozar
Nirod Das   Analysis and Design of an Array of Printed Dipoles Proximity Fed by a Perpendicular Microstrip Line   D. Pozar
Andrew Adrian   Investigation of Some Antenna Elements for Advanced Phased Arrays   D. Schaubert
Joseph Chandler (MIRSL)   Analysis and Modification of a Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer   C. Swift
Frances Harackiewicz   Optimum Shapes for Maximum Gain Antennas   D. Pozar
Allan Buck   Investigation of Printed Circuit Aperture Antennas   D. Pozar
Jay Walters (MIRSL)   A Weather Correcting Sea Ice Concentratiion Algorithm   C. Swift
R. Kyle Martin   Design of Microstrip Array Antennas   D. Pozar
Peter Sullivan   Analysis of an Aperture Coupled Microstrip Antenna   D. Schaubert
Paul Meaney, Jr.   Efficient Calculation of Scattering by Inhomogeneous Dielectric Bodies   D. Schaubert
Kathleen Lyu Ryan (MIRSL)   Construction of a C-Band Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer   C. Swift
Jeffrey Herd   A C-band Microstrip Array Fed by a Multiple-Beam Rotman Lens   D. Pozar
Paul Elliott   Brightness Temperature and Propagation Characteristics of Plane Layered Media, with Applications fo Ice and Radomes   D. Pozar