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Graduate Degree Programs

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers graduate degree programs leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Prospective students with strong academic records and an interest in APLab research topics should first contact individual faculty about availability of research assistantship support. RA support is offered only to students pursuing a M.S. degree with thesis or the Ph.D degree.

The listing below provides information on the steps for application for admission, inquiry about financial support, and detailed program descriptions for the M.S. degree with thesis, and the Ph.D. degree.

Graduate Courses in Antennas, Electromagnetics and Systems

Graduate students affiliated with the APLab typically select courses from the following list. These courses are offered in either the Fall or Spring semester, and some are offered every other year. Each graduate student is expected to meet with his/her faculty advisor and develop a coursework plan that relates to the research topic.

ECE 584  Microwave Engineering I Fall
ECE 585  Microwave Engineering II Spring
ECE 603  Probability and Random Processes Fall
ECE 604  Linear Systems Theory Fall
ECE 606  Electromagnetic Field Theory Fall
ECE 607  Fundamentals of Solid State Electronics Fall
ECE 608  Signal Theory Fall
ECE 624  Wireless Propagation and Smart Antennas Spring
ECE 645  Digital Communications Fall
ECE 683  Active Microwave Circuits Spring
ECE 684  Microwave Metrology Spring
ECE 685  Active Microwave Devices Spring
ECE 686  Introduction to Radar Systems Spring
ECE 687  Antenna Theory and Design Fall
ECE 697D  Microwave & RF Design of Wireless Systems Spring
ECE 697L  Phased Arrays Spring