ECE 684 Microwave Metrology


Course Syllabus

Catalog Synopsis:

Laboratory measurements typical of those used to characterize wireless devices and systems, including network analyzer calibration, measurements of noise in amplifiers, mixers and oscillators; measurements of distortion in amplifiers and mixers; and characterizing the dynamie range of a receiver

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisite: Microwave Engineering I (ECE 584)

Text: Instructor's notes

References: Microwave Engineering, 2/e, D. M. Pozar, 1997

Laboratory Experience

  • Use network analyzer, spectrum analyzer for gain measurement of downconverter components
  • Using TRL calibration techniques for deembedding and circuit modeling
  • Measure noise properties of downconverter and components
  • Measure third-order intercept of downconverter and components
  • Measure phase noise of local oscillator

Lecture Topics

  • Basic downconverter block diagram
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Basic network analysis nd error correction (1-port)
  • Types of calibration loads
  • 2-port network analyzer SOLT calibration
  • Thru, short, delay
  • Thru, reflect, line
  • Thru, reflect, match
  • On-wafer measurements
  • Noise measurements
  • Distortion
  • Oscillator phase noise measurements