ECE 606 Electromagnetic Field Theory


Course Syllabus

Catalog Description:

Electromagnetic fields in dielectric and lossy media, transmission lines, antennas and resonators treated with the concepts of duality, image theory, reciprocity, integral equations and other techniques. Boundary and initial value problems solved for several frequently encountered symmetries.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisite: undergraduate electromagnetic theory

Recent textbooks used: (1) "Time Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields," R. F. Harrington, IEEE Press, Wiley-Interscience, 2001, ISBN 0-471-20860-X, (2)"Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics," C. A. Balanis, John Wiley & Sons, 1989.

Course Outline: (from Harrington textbook):

1. Fundamental Concepts

2. Introduction to Waves

Sources, duality, uniqueness, images, equivalence, induction, reciprocity, Greens functions, integral equations, construction of solutions, radiation

3. Plane Wave Functions

Wave functions, plane waves, rectangular waveguides, alternative mode sets, rectangular cavity, loaded waveguides, dielectric slab; surface waves, modal expansions, currents; apertures, plane current sheets

4. Cylindrical Wave Functions

Wave functions, circular and radial waveguides, cavities, 1D sources, 2D radiation, wave transformation, scattering from wedges and cylinders, 3D radiation

5. Spherical Wave Functions

Wave functions, cavities, orthogonality, radial waveguides, sources, wave transformations, scattering by spheres