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Here are some useful links on RF and microwave engineeering, design aids, software, commercial sites, etc.

Microwave-RF Software

RF Cafe Links Here's a huge list of links to RF engineering payware, shareware and freeware, compiled by RF Cafe. Includes software for circuit simulators, system simulators, antennas, EM and transmission line simulators, schematic capture software, and all sorts of useful RF-microwave links. This is the mother lode.
Ansoft Designer SV Here you can download Ansoft Designer Student Version for free! This powerful software takes microwave, RF, high-speed, and communications design to a new level. This includes a complete RF linear circuit simulator, schematic and layout view, powerful design utilities, and post-processing. It also includes a complete set of linear distributed transmission line models, discontinuities, vendor component parts, and ideal circuit elements. The Student Version disables MOM analysis and models that are included in the full for-fee version.
 Smith Chart PDF Here is a Smith Chart PDF you can print out.
 Engineers Calculator You just won't believe how handy this tiny little calculator can be! Conversions, formulas, and references for all sorts of electrical engineering problems (e.g. formulas for microstrip, or frequency bands), mechanical engineering (want to know how to convert horsepower to watts?), and general (all kinds of math relations). It's just amazing. Download it and use it. (You have to sign up for the RF GlobalNet online publication, which is free.)
 HP AppCAD Here is a free(!)and powerful microwave-RF CAD program from HP, which includes passive circuits (including microstrip, stripline, ...), active circuits, circuit design, and some very useful engineering tools (check out the Complex Math Calculator for RF circuits.) You'll like this one. It runs on Win2000, possibly XP.
Transmission line calculator TXline Here is a very useful transmission line calculator for microstrip, stripline, coplanar waveguide, grounded CPW, and slot line, from Applied Wave Research. You can download this, and run the file under Windows.
Transmission line simulation Here's a program that displays waves on transmission lines. Pretty basic stuff, but interesting. Written by Greg Schussman at Univ. of California at Davis. This works only on Windows machines.
Two-port network calculator  Here's an easy-to-use calculator that converts among S-parameters, Z-parameters, Y-parameters, hybrid parameters, etc. Runs on Win machines.
RF Simulator This is a linear circuit simulator with schematic capture, S parameter files, stability circles, auto match, filter designer, attenuator designer and RF calculator. From HyDesign Ltd. Runs under Win95/98/NT. Free download.

Microwave-RF Application Notes and Resources

S-parameters explained

S-Parameters Explained , tutorials, and much more. This stuff is vital to a modern RF-microwave engineer

HP/Agilent's classic S-parameter interactive tutorial, 1.3 MB pdf download

 microwaves101.com A rich practical web resource covering fundamentals of microwave design, for microwave engineers.

Microwave components and materials

Rogers HF laminates Here you'll find information on Rogers Corporation HF circuit materials such as Duroid and other printed circuit board laminates.
Neltec laminates Neltec is another widely used vendor of HF printed circuit board laminates. They were formerly known as METCLAD.