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Here are some links to websites on antenna design, materials and software.

Antenna design and analysis software

Personal Computer Aided Antenna Design PCAAD 5.0   Written by Prof. David Pozar, this popular antenna design software is a Windows compatible package for antenna analysis, modeling and design. This can be purchased from Antenna Design Associates, Inc.
Antenna Design Associates, Inc.   Software for the analysis and design of antennas and phased arrays
Sonnet Lite Software   EM simulation software for design and analysis of HF/RF circuits, waveguides and antennas. You can download Sonnet Lite for free. It runs on Win 2000/XP.
Ansoft Designer   This simulation software merges circuit and system-level models with full 2D numerical electromagnetics solutions. A student version with the circuits/systems simulation packages can be downloaded for free.
Ansoft HFSS   A companion to Designer, Ansoft HFSS is a 3D electromagnetic simulation software package used for antennas, RF, wireless, packaging and optoelectronic design.
Agilent Momentum   Agilent's Momentum HF circuit designer software includes ADS schematic capture, data display, EM simulator and layout editor. An industry-wide standard for 2D microwave/RF circuit design.

Antenna printed circuit laminates, connectors and materials

Here you'll find information on Rogers Corporation HF circuit materials such as Duroid and other printed circuit board laminates.
Neltec is another widely used vendor of HF printed circuit board laminates. They were formerly known as METCLAD.
RF/microwave cables: flexible, semi-rigid, semi-flex, phased matched and test cables; wide range of cable assemblies with connectors
RF/microwave cables, flexible, low-cost flexible, semi-rigid, hand formable, delay lines. connectors
A wide range of electronic components including RF connectors, cables, etc. On-line ordering available.
Mouser Electronics   Another vendor of RF connectors, cables and many other electronic parts. On-line ordering available.
Richardson Electronics   A wide range of in-stock RF cables, cable assemblies and connectors, and a wide range of electronic components.

Microwave antennas vendors

Andrew Corporation   A well-known industrial provider of microwave antenna products for terrestrial telecom and satellite/broadband communications.