VLIW: Very Long Instruction Word

Applications of VLIW

With its ability to integrate coding into larger words and fewer lines of instructions, VLIW has become extremely useful in its applications today. Today, multimedia applications are becoming very advanced with functionality like Dolby Audio, video players and video games. With VLIW being what it is, offers special embedded software features for many of these multimedia types. However, followed by its simpleness in architecture is its extremely complicated software compilers having to advancely check the instructions to allow such paralellism. An example of how the compiler goes about combing machine instructions, can be found right here through this user example.

In this example, the user enters the number of desired lines of instructions. From here they are first propmpted to choose the maximum number of instructions they would like to allow per instruction word. Following the user is allowed to manually create the appropriate instructions by choosing the operation followed by their desired registers. Continuing, the application then gives the user a quick glance at what they've created to ensure correctness in their instruction building. Once satisfied, the user clicks the VLIW button, which then mimics what a VLIW compiler output might show in real life applications.

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