The three differnt modes of caching that are being simulated are:

The steps to be followed are given below:

  1. Please select the input parameters from the choices given on the Left Panel.For your information, the type of replacement policy implemented is Least Recently Used(LRU).
  2. Press the "Start" Button to initialize the simulation. This will load the memory reference table.
  3. Next, press the "Run" Button for a complete run.After the simulation ends, the cache tables are displayed. Also the results are displayed at the bottom for the type of caching selected(i.e. normal,victim or selective victime).
  4. Finally, press the "Clear" Button to clear the outputs. This is optional.In case you want to compare the results for the three different types of caching, do not alter the input parameters except for "Type of caching" and do not press the Clear Button. Repeat the first teo steps. At the end, the results are displayed below for easy comparison.

A couple of notations used in the tool:

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