Class StateDiagramPanel

public class StateDiagramPanel
extends Panel
A panel that displays the text version of the state diagram.


o statesPanel
    private TextPanel statesPanel

        A TextPanel object that displays all the possible states for a given reservation table input.

o edgesPanel
    private TextPanel edgesPanel

        A TextPanel object that displays all the possible edges connected to the current state.

o states
    private Vector states

        A list of all the possible states.


o StateDiagramPanel
    public StateDiagramPanel(Vector states)

        Creates an instance of the StateDiagramPanel and display the state information for all the possible states.


o printStates
    public void printStates()

        Display all the possible states.

o printEdges
    public void printEdges()

        Display all the possible edges of the state diagram.

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