RAID: Tool for Reliability

The Tool for Reliability


Input Value(s):

Mean-time-to-failure of disk1 MTTF(disk) = hours
Mean-time-to-failure of disk2 MTTF(disk2) = hours
Mean-time-to-failure of disk3 MTTF(disk3) = hours
Mean-time-to-failure of the system MTTF(sys) = hours
Mean-time-to-repair of a single disk MTTR = hours
Mean-time-to-repair of the system MTTR(sys) = hours
Number of disks in the disk array N =
p(disk) p =
Parity group size G =
RAID Level RAID Level
Failure Characteristics Failure Type


Reliability of the disk array R = hours or years
MTTDL MTTDL = hours or years