Estimation of Cache Energy dissipation

Enter the following information. When you press the Calculate button, the various values of cache energy dissipation can be obtained from the "Results" section. Also, a graphical representation of the same is displayed in a supplementary window.Default values are supplied for user convenience.

Supply voltage (Volts):
Associativity of cache:
Total Data capacity of cache(BYTES):
Tag size(in bits):
Line Size(in BYTES):
Total number of memory accesses:
Percentage of read accesses:
Percentage of read hits:
Percentage of write hits:
Write back requests(% of writes):
Select Type of Cache:
Select Location of Cache:


Energy dissipated in bit linesJoule
Energy dissipated in word linesJoule
Energy dissipated in address input linesJoule
Energy dissipated in output linesJoule
Total Energy dissipated in cache Joule