Tool to Evaluate I/O Cost & Performance

Input Values:

Width of interleaved memory = bytes Memory cycle time = ns
I/O Bus bandwidth = MB/sec Maximum number of SCSI buses and controllers =
SCSI Bus transfer rate = MB/sec Maximum number of disks per SCSI string =
Cost of each SCSI controller = $ SCSI Controller overhead = ms
Number of CPU instructions for an I/O operation = Average I/O size = KB

Input Disk specifications:

Disk size = small disk GB large disk GB
Cost of Disk per GB = small disk $ large disk $
Maximum number of disks per package = small disk large disk
Disk Rotation speed = small disk RPM large disk RPM
Average seek time = small disk ms large disk ms
Disk Transfer rate = small disk MB/sec large disk MB/sec
Desired total disk capacity = GB
Cost of enclosure = $

Constraints on Resource Utilization:

Limit on disk time utilization = % Limit on utilization of SCSI buses = % Limit on utilization of I/O bus = %