Running the Simulator

Step 1: Input Parameters

The  left-most panel of the simulator window has provision for taking various inputs from the user. The various input parameters could be set through drop-down menu.

We have provided four sample memory-reference trace files. There is also option for the user to input his own trace files through web reference. For example, to use your own trace-file "my-trace.txt", you have to first create that file and put it at a location that could be web accessible (e.g. http://your-web-location/my-trace.txt). The URL of the trace file has to be provided in the "Custom Trace Location" text field of the applet window.

Step 2: Press Initialize Button

Pressing Initialize button will trigger the simulator to read all the input parameters and memory reference traces. After initializing user has option of : 1) running the full simulation or 2) running till specified break-point (or events).

Step 3:

In this step user has the choice of  pressing Complete Run button or Run upto Break Point button.

Step 4: Optional step to run the simulator again

To run the simulator again, first you have to press CLEAR button. Then you have to follow step 1 to 3 as listed above.