Following are the instructions to operate the simulator.

1. Enter N- Number of nodes in a row: The Torus Network will have total nodes as N * N. The value of N should be less than or equal to 10.

2. Enter R-Reliability of each node: Each of the nodes constituting the Torus network will have failure probability as 1-R. The value of R should be less than 1.0

3. Click Draw: A Torus network is drawn with specified number of nodes. Nodes are numbered from left to right and top to bottom.

4. Enter Source/Destination: In order to calculate terminal reliability, a source and destination pair needs to specified. Source and destination can be chosen from any or the nodes in the Torus network that is drawn. Nodes are identified by the numbers that appear against them.

6. Select Links: The links that connect any two nodes in the network can be Unidirectional or Bidirectional. The links are assumed to be fault-free.

7. Start Simulation: Once all the parameters are entered, simulation can be started. To do this two different options are available:

  1. Complete Run: On pressing this button, the simulation will run to its end. The total number of iterations executed is determined by the position of slider. For all simulations, a default value of 500000 is set
  2. Step : On pressing 'Step' the simulation will execute the first 5000 iterations. To execute next set of iterations, press "Step" again. This can be executed till simulation runs to completion. At any time of simulation run, stop can be pressed. This will exit the simulation and calculate the terminal reliability also indicating the number of iterations in 'Current Iteration' that have been used to determine the terminal reliability.

On the simulation run, following colors denote the node characteristics:

In a certain simulation if no green nodes/links appear, this symbolizes absence of path from source to destination. One such scenario is when the source or the destination itself is faulty.

 8. Performance: After completion, the impact of performance can be viewed by clicking 'Performance'. This shows the average distance in presence of faults.

9. Clear: Click 'Clear' to clear all fields and enter new values for another simulation.

System Requirements

For correct viewing of this  project Java run time environment is required. Click here to download the java run time environment.