N-Modular Redundancy (NMR) Reliability Calculator

NMR System with Voter:

Reliability of Voter ("Rvoter") [0 - 1]:

Number of Redundant Modules ("N") [>=3]:

NMR System with Spares:

Reliability of Fault detection/Reconfiguration Unit ("Rdetector"):

Number of Redundant Modules ("N" = 1 active & N-1 spares) [>=2]:

Coverage Factor ("C") if spares are on standy [0 - 1]:

Are Spares active or on standby?

Reliability of Single Module Unit ("R") [0 - 1]:

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Single Module Reliabilities

System Reliability of NMR with Voter

System Reliability of NMR with Spares

Graph of System Reliability

[Blue diamonds -> NMR with Voter]
[Red Squares -> NMR with Spares]