Row/Column Replacement in Defective Memory Arrays



How to use this program:

STEP1: Choose the generation method(Auto or Manual).

STEP2: Input all the parameters you need to generate a memory array. If you chose Auto in step1,you have to input the reliability of the memory array, i.e., how many good cells are there in this array. After inputting all the parameters, press the "Start" button.

STEP3: If you chose Auto mode in step1, you don't have to do anything during this step; otherwise you have to click any of the white cells(good cells) in the array, turning it to red ones(bad cells).

STEP4: You may use any of the two algorithms to simulate how to repair defective cells. If one spare row or column repairs one defective row or column, both the defective row/column and the spare row/column would turn into the same color.The Simulation Result Button may allow you to compare the difference of repair rates between the two algorithms.

STEP5: You may use the "Reset" button or just refresh the webpage to start another new initialization.

To see how these two algorithms work, please refer to the link below:

Two Algorithms for Row/Column Replacement