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ECE 333 : Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

Nature of electromagnetic fields and waves; transmission lines modeled as distributed circuits; propagation of waves and wave reflections on transmission lines; review of vector analysis, coordinate systems, gradient, divergence, curl, review of surface and volume integrals; Maxwell's equations for time-varying fields; electrostatic and magnetostatic fields and boundary conditions; capacitance and inductance calculations; time-varying fields in conductors, dielectrics and magnetic materials; reflection of normal and oblique plane waves from planar boundaries.

ECE 585 : Microwave Engineering II

Analysis and design of passive microwave devices, including directional couplers and filters; noise and distortion in RF systems; RF amplifer design pricinples; oscillators and mixers; system link design.

ECE 606 : Electromagnetic Field Theory

Electromagnetic fields and boundary conditions; uniqueness, image theory, reciprocity, equivalence principle and induction theorem, Babinet's principle, optical theorem; boundary value problems and solution techniques in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinates; Bessel functions and Associated Legendre functions.

ECE 697OO : Modern Analysis Methods in Electromagnetics

Maxwell’s equations; transient electromagnetics; integral equations; uniform theory of diffraction; asymptotic evaluation methods; Green’s functions; half-space and layered media.

ECE 604 : Linear System Theory

LTI and LTV systems; state space representation; transition matrix and matrix techniques; transform techniques; controllability and observability.