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ECE 333 : Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
The nature of electromagnetic fields and waves. Transmission lines modeled as distributed circuits. Propagation of waves and wave reflections on transmission lines. Review of vector analysis, coordinate systems, gradient, divergence, curl; review of surface and volume integrals. Electrostatic and magnetostatic fields and boundary conditions. Fields in conductors, dielectrics and magnetic materials. Time-varying fields and electromagnetic induction. Maxwell's equations for time-varying fields.
ECE 606 : Electromagnetic Field Theory
Electromagnetic fields in dielectric and lossy media, transmission lines, antennas and resonators treated with the concepts of duality, image theory, reciprocity, integral equations and other techniques. Boundary and initial value problems solved for several frequently encountered symmetries.
ECE 585 : Microwave Engineering II
Analysis and design of passive microwave devices, including resonators, filters, and ferrite devices, in various transmission-line media. Noise and noise effects in detectors, mixers, and modulators. Introduction to FET amplifier design.
ECE 697OO : Modern Analysis Methods in Electromagnetics
Maxwell’s equations, transient electromagnetics, integral equations, uniform theory of diffraction, asymptotic methods, Green’s functions, layered media.