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ECE 581 // Digital Control of Dynamic Systems (Spring 2008)





UMass Amherst

College of Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 581 // Digital Control of Dynamic Systems (Spring 2008)





27th February, 2008


Team questions due  in class on Friday 29th February, 2008

6.45)  Q1:  Does the spec D(0) = 1 have significance, outside of precluding use of pure gain to solve the problem?


Q2: Show how to find ωc from a magnitude Bode sketch.


6.47)  Q1:  Is there meaning to the bode plot of an unstable transfer function?


Q2:  Sketch the Nyquist plot of the uncompensated and compensated loops.


6.48) Practically speaking, is there a lower limit on the pole & zero locations of your lag filter design?


6.49)  Find the damping ratio ζ for the closed-loop dominant pole pair.



13th Feb 2008 


due to snow cancellation: HW#3 due date pushed to Monday 18th February, 2008



HW #3 assigned and due Friday 15th February, 2008