ECE 581 // Digital Control of Dynamic Systems (Spring 2008)

Homework Assignment #10

assigned: Wednesday, 7th May 2008

due: 5pm Tuesday, 13th May 2008

H32)  (All teams) FPE 9.18(a)

Note:  (i) Find those values of N, h, B and a such that limit cycles exist.

(ii) Verify values in (i) via Simulink simulations




Homework Assignment #9

assigned: Monday, 28th April 2008

due: Friday, 2nd May 2008

H27)  (PIDs only) FPE 9.1

H28) (The Aliased only) FPE 9.2

H29) (Phase Margins only) FPE 9.3

H30) (Time Delay only) FPE 9.4

H31) (Harmonic Balancers only) FPE 9.7


Homework Assignment #8

HW #8 Solutions

assigned:  Friday 11th April, 2008

due: Friday 18th April 2008

H23)  (Harmonic Balancers only) FPE 8.10

H24)  (The Aliased only) FPE 8.11

H25)  (Time Delay only) FPE 8.12

H25)  (Phase Margins only) FPE 8.13

H26)  (PIDs only) FPE 8.14


Homework Assignment #7

HW #7 solutions

assigned:  Monday 31st March, 2008

due: Monday 7th April 2008

modification: Saturday 5th April 2008:  skip H21

H19)  (Time Delay) FPE 8.5 (Tustin's method only)

H20)  (all teams) FPE 8.6 (Tustin's method only)

H21)  (all teams) FPE 8.8 (Tustin's method only)

H22)  Return to HW #5 and now implement your final control system using computer control.  Use a sampling period for which the rule-of-thumb is satisfied; i.e., ωs > 20ωBW.

 -  (Harmonic Balancers only) FPE 6.51

 -  (PIDs only) FPE 6.54

 -  (The Aliased only) FPE 6.58

 -  (Phase Margins only) FPE 6.67


Homework Assignment #6

assigned: Monday 24th March, 2008

due: Wed 26th March, 2008

H15) (PIDs only) FPE 8.4 (properties 1 and 2)

H16) (The Aliased only) FPE 8.4 (properties 3 and 4)

H17) (Phase Margins only) FPE 8.4 (properties 5 and 6)

H18) (Harmonic Balancers only) FPE 8.4 (properties 7 and 8)



Homework Assignment #5

HW5 Solutions


assigned: Friday 29 February, 2008

due: Friday 7th March, 2008

H11) (Harmonic Balancers only) FPE 6.51

H12) (PIDs only) FPE 6.54

H13) (The Aliased only) FPE 6.58

H14) (Phase Margins only) FPE 6.67



Homework Assignment #4


assigned: Wednesday 20 February, 2008

due: Wednesday 27th February, 2008

H7) (Phase Margins) FPE 6.45

H8) (Harmonic Balancers) FPE 6.47

H9) (The Aliased) FPE 6.48

H10) (PIDs) FPE 6.49



Homework Assignment #3


assigned Friday 8th February, 2008

due: Friday 15th February, 2008

due: Monday 18th February, 2008

H3) (PIDs) FPE 6.19 a-c

H4) (Phase Margins) FPE 6.20

H5) (Harmonic Balancers) FPE 6.23

H6) (The Aliased) FPE 6.24 a-d


Homework Assignment #2

assigned: Wed 30th January, 2008

due:        Friday 8 February, 2008

H2) Using the archives of the IEEE Control System Magazine, select an application of a feedback control system. Summarize and describe this application to the class via PowerPoint slides.

Exploring the IEEE Control System Magazine on-line: Past issues of the IEEE Control System Magazine can be viewed (and printed from) on-line:

UMass home page > Libraries > E-Journals > IEEE Control Systems.

Explore the magazine (issues range back from 1988), and select an article (a feedback control application) that is of interest. For example, the most recent issue (Feb 2008) has article starting on page 20 on Stabilization for Film and Broadcast Cameras.

Prepare PowerPoint slides: For 8th February class, prepare (at least three) PowerPoint slides describing the application. For example:

Slide #1:

ECE 581
your name
citation of IEEE Control System Magazine article

Slide #2: describes application using bullets and pictures

Slide #3: expresses the feedback control application using a feedback control block diagram.


Homework Assignment #1

assigned:  Wed 30th January, 2008  

due: Friday 1 February, 2008

H1)  For the following transfer function (which we may consider as an example of a plant, compensator or closed-loop transfer function)


T(s) =


create its Bode magnitude and phase plot:

1) using Matlab
2) by sketching the composite low and high frequency magnitude (phase) components. You will be asked to reproduce and discuss this sketch on the blackboard in front of class.