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Laboratory - Fall 2013


Lab sessions are conducted by Professor Soules with the assistance of the TA lab assistants and Undergraduate Instructional Assistants. Students are advised to bring their own laptop to the lab. The goal of the lab is to apply the concepts learned during the lectures to practical design problems. Details and description of the lab projects will be posted on UMass Amherst Moodle.


ENGIN112 has 9 lab session that are scheduled throughout the semester (Monday to Friday) acroding to the schedule. The meeting times of each discussion session is (check your discussion session in SPIRE):


ENGIN 112 has 9 laboratory exercises. The lab component of the course counts for 15% of the final course grade and will be graded based on attendance and successful demonstrations (aka "lab demo") of the assigned experiments. Attendance at all scheduled lab sessions is mandatory. Attending a lab session other than the one in which you are enrolled is not allowed. Attendance is strict course requirement. Students who receive a zero in one or more of these requirements may receive a zero for their final ENGIN 112 lab grade (15% of the overall ENGIN 112 grade.