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Homework Assignments - Fall 2014

Homework must be turned in on the assigned due date via moodle or e-mail submission.
Due dates are specified in the class schedule (calendar).

Please submit your homework on clean, letter-size sheet(s) of paper. Make sure to provide the following information, clearly written:

  • Course name (ENGIN 112) + semester (Summer 2014)
  • Homework number (e.g., HW 1)
  • Your full name (student ID number is NOT needed)
  • Provide your answers to the problems in the order they were listed in the assignment, clearly indicating the problem number.

    Homeworks that do not provide this information will not be graded.

    Handwritten and scanned submission as well as typed submissions are acceptable.

    IMPORTANT note regarding potential grading errors:
    You have one week after the date when homework is returned to report any problems with grading of your homework. Any complains after that date will not be honored.

    Homework and exam solutions, and sample exams will be posted regualrly on UMass Amherst Moodle