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Spring Semester 2005

For the Spring 2005 semester, the primary website for this online ECE 585 course will be accessed through UMass UMass Online as a WebCT Vista course. Students registered for this course will login and provide a password to gain access.

You are now viewing a backup website for ECE 585, which you may use if you're having problems with the online site or server. This backup site provides most of the basic course information and links to related course pages and other websites, but will not be as current or complete as the online site. The URL for this backup website is

INSTRUCTOR Professor Keith R. Carver, Marcus Hall Room 201F, (413) 545-1665, Office hours are Tu-Th 10:30-11:30 a.m.
TA The TA for this course is Urmila Parthasarathy. You can email her at She will be grading homeworks.
TEXTBOOK Microwave Engineering, 3rd ed., David M. Pozar, John Wiley & Sons, 1998. This book can be purchased either through the UMass Textbook Annex or through the Jeffrey Amherst Bookstore on S. Pleasant Street in downtown Amherst. Off-campus students can purchase the book online from or barnes&

The lectures for this course are being taped live during the Spring 2005 semester. On-campus students enrolled in this course may view the tapes in the Reading Resource Room (Reserve Department, 3rd floor) of the UMass W. E. B. Du Bois Library.

ONLINE COURSE This course is being offered during the Spring 2005 semester to registered students through UMass Online. This online version includes streaming videos (RealPlayer) of all lectures and other information. Registered students will need a UMass UMail account to gain access to the course.


Book chapters
Lecture notes
Power dividers, directional couplers and hybrid junctions
1 - 4
Microwave filters
5 - 10
Ferrimagnetic components
11 - 14
Active microwave circuits
15 - 16
Design of microwave amplifiers
17 - 19
Microwave systems
20 - 24

HOMEWORK Homework will be assigned every week ( check the Homework Assignments link) and must be turned in by the indicated due date. Late homework will not be accepted regardless of reason.
COURSE GRADING Homework 20%, Filter Design Project 15%, Midterm Exam 30%, Final Exam 35%
SOFTWARE Microwave CAD software will be used for some of the assigned homework problems. Students may use Ansoft Designer , which runs under Win 2000/XP. The student version SV can be downloaded for free. It is a large 70 MB file, so you'll want to download using a high-speed connection. Many more good RF-microwave design software packages are available. Some of the more useful of these for this course are listed on the Software Reference page on this website.

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