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This page provides announcements about ECE 585. This page last updated February 3, 2005. These announcements will not necessarily be synchronized or kept up to date with the announcements on the primary online website, so you should check there first.

Date Announcement Details
Wed Feb 2 help for Prob. 7.33 The Bailey power divider is a very useful device. Here's a hint on analyzing this 3-way network, for Problem 7.33.
Wed Feb. 2 help for Prob. 7-6

Here's an approach to solving Prob. 7-6. Start with the Tee network and use Table 4.1 to calculate the A, B, C, and D parameters in terms of R1 and R2. Then use Table 4.2 to convert these to S-parameters (this will also involve Zo); you only need S11 and S12. Note that for a matched network, S11 = 0. Also note that S12 = alpha (make sure you understand why this is true). Then do several lines of algebra to come up with design equations for R1 and R2 in terms of alpha and Zo. To check your equations for Zo = 50 ohms, note that when alpha (dB) = 3 dB, alpha = 0.708, R1 = 8.6 ohms, and R2 and 141.9 ohms.

Follow the same procedure for the Pi network. To check your equations when Zo = 50 ohms, let alpha (dB) = 3 dB, then R1 = 292.5 ohms and R2 = 17.6 ohms.

Thur, Jan 27 RF-microwave software Check out this part of the website with links to useful RF-microwave software programs. Most of these are free downloads!
Thur, Jan 27 HP App note on S-parameters Here is an outstanding HP app note on S-parameters and their use in design. I highly recommend it! This is a PDF document (1.2 MB), lots of nice color illustrations. This is definitely worth downloading and adding to your files. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the file.
Thur, Jan. 27 4-port S-parameters Here is a 14-slide presentation (PDF, readable by Adobe Acrobat) on scattering parameters for 4-ports, etc. There are just three concluding equations, one for total power into the network, and the other two conditions for a lossless N-port network. This is supplemental material to Lecture 1.
Thur, Jan. 27 PDF docs access You will need a password to access lecture notes and HW solutions on this website. A password will be given to all students registered for this course upon email request to Students not enrolled in this course will not be given password access.
Thur, Jan. 27 HW problem answers Click on Homework Help for answers to many of the HW problems in the first five HW sets, so you can determine if your solution method is on track. Complete solutions to the HW sets will be posted as PDF documents about a week after they are due. You can use this, coupled with TA comments on your graded HWs, to check your understanding of the HW material.
Thur, Jan. 27, 2005 Midterm Exam date The midterm exam will cover Chapters 7 and 8 (Lectures 1 through 11A), and will be given to on-campus students on March XX, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Midterm exams from NTU and PEEAS students are due (FAX date or Express Mail date) on March XX, 2005.