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S-parameters   S-Parameters Explained, tutorials, and much more. This stuff is vital to a modern RF-microwave engineer!
    HP App Note 95-1 on S-parameter techniques, an outstanding tutorial. Easy to read, very well explained, lots of good graphics. This PDF (on the Stanford Univ. EE246 website) is the best starting point on the web for S-parameters. I highly recommend it!
Directional couplers, quadrature hybrids, power dividers, branchline couplers   Mini-Circuits Inc. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, this company offers a broad array of RF/microwave components including couplers, combiners, amplifiers, etc.
    Advanced Technical Materials, Inc. Here you can find waveguide components, coaxial components, etc. Company is located in Patchogue, NY.
    Midwest Microwave Inc. Midwest offers a wide range of couplers, power dividers, attenuators, connectors, cable assemblies and much more.
    Here is a very nice tutorial on branchline couplers, from Engineers Heaven. Check this out! And click here for a tutorial on 180 degree hybrid coupler.
Lange couplers   This web page lists several published articles on Lange-type couplers. Some of these were published in Microwave Journal, now known as Microwaves & RF magazine.
Wilkinson power dividers   MECA Electronics Inc. (Denville, NJ) offers a wide variety of RF/microwave couplers and power dividers, including Wilkinson power dividers for high-power applications.
    Tutorial on Wilkinson power dividers, again from those nice folks at Engineers Heaven.
Circulators, isolators   HD Communications Corp., another NY-based firm, markets RF/microwave circulators and isolators.
RF-Microwave Magazines   This industry-oriented RF Design magazine has lots of great articles on RF and microwave design, new components, links to other microwave-RF sites, etc.
    Microwave Journal is the oldest trade publication in the microwave-RF area and has lots of very helpful articles on design, late-breaking developments in microwave technology, etc.
  Microwaves & RF Magazine is very helpful for anyone interested in microwaves. You can get a free subscription by at their website. Many interesting articles, applications, industry trends, etc.
History of the microwave oven  

Click here for an interesting read on the history of the microwave oven.


Microwave Mall  

The Microwave Mall is a helpful place to look for RF-microwave components. One-stop shopping, useful links, etc. Thanks to Steve McMahon for this link.


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