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Spring 2005 Lecture Schedule

The class lecture notes can be downloaded as Adobe PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. If you don't already have it, you can download it free by clicking on the link image below.


Lect. No.
Lecture Topic PDF Document

PDF Size

Thur, Jan 27
3-port and 4-port networks, lossless networks; hybrid quadrature couplers;
lossless T-junction power divider; resistive T-junction power divider
Lect Notes 1 792 K
(11 pp.)
Tue, Feb 1
Wilkinson power dividers; Bethe hole directional couplers Lect Notes 2 816 K
(17 pp.)
Thur Feb 3
Quadrature hybrids; even-odd mode analysis; coupled-line directional coupler;
theory of coupled lines

Lect Notes 3

2.5 M (15 pp)

Tue Feb 8

Design of single-section coupled-line coupler; Lange coupler; rat-race coupler

4A - Suppl. notes on analysis of rat-race hybrid
4B - More suppl. notes on rat-race hybrid analysis

Lect Notes 4

Lect Notes 4A ,
Lect Notes 4B ,

920 K
(14 pp.)

(4 pp)
(3 pp)

Thur Feb 10
Periodic structures; Brillioun diagram; stopbands and passbands; image
parameter method; image impedances

Lect Notes 5

Lect. Notes 5 Suppl. Page

1.1 M
(17 pp.)
Tue Feb 15
Constant-k, m-derived filters; composite filters; insertion loss method
of filter design; maximally flat filters; equal ripple designs
Lect Notes 6 1.0 M
(15 pp)
Thur Feb 17
Low-pass filter prototypes; bandpass filter designs; group delay of a filter;
Richards transforms; Kurodas Identities
Lect Notes 7 1.0 M
(17 pp)
Tue Feb 22
Using Transmission Line Utility (TRL) tool in Designer; stripline example; fabrication process for stripline; coupled-line filters and design procedure; example with 5-section filter; CAD simulation of coupled-line filters using Designer; metallization effects. Lect Notes 8 (rev) 0.55 M
(19 pp)
Thur Feb 24
Stepped impedance filters, low-pass; example LP 4th-order max. flat filter using shunt stubs; how to use Richards' transform, Kuroda identities; simulation in Designer Lect Notes 9 590 K
(12 pp)
Tue Mar 1
Lumped element HP filters; modeling dielectric loss and metallization loss; 6 GHz BP coupled-line filter; effect of OPEN element statement; effect of conductor material Lect Notes 10 548 K
(13 pp)
Thur Mar 3

Filter design optimization using Ansoft Designer; illustrated using Text Example 8.8, a 4-section coupled-line filter with 0.5 dB equal-ripple response, implemented in microstrip, 20 mil Duroid 5880. Return loss and insertion loss response before and after length optimization, using circuit schematic model. Comparison to results with EM simulator model.

Lect Notes 11 (rev)

1.0 M
(20 pp)

Tue Mar 8
Lecture 12-Supplement. This shows how to design a 4th-order low-pass filter with 0.5 dB equal ripple, with implementation using only shunt stubs. Shows how to use Richards' Transforms and Kuroda's Identities. Review for midterm exam. Lecture 12    
Thurs Mar 10 ** No class today      
Thur Mar 10

on-campus students: Midterm Exam (6:30 - 8:30 p.m.), location TBA

Thurs Mar 17   NTU/PEEAS students: Midterm Exam due (FAX or postmark)      
Mar 13 - 18  ****** SPRING BREAK ******  
Tue Mar 22
Ferrite devices; magnetic materials; magnetic flux density; magnetic field intensity, permeability; classification of magnetic materials; magnetic moment; magnetic torque and gyromagnetic ratio; net magnetization of a volume of many magnetic moments; magnetization of ferrimagnetic materials; saturation magnetization; B-H curves of magnetic materials; interaction of RF signals with ferrites under a d.c. magnetic bias; magnetic susceptibility and tensor permeability; lossy magnetic materials; Lecture 13 452 K
(16 pp)
Thur Mar 24

Plane wave propagation in ferrite media; RF propagation parallel to d.c. bias field; review of circular polarization; RHCP wave propatation in ferrites; LHCP wave propagation in ferrites; decomposition of a linearly polarized wave into RHCP and LHCP components; Faraday rotation; RF propagation perpendicular to d.c. bias field; ordinary and extraordinary waves.

Lecture 14 832 K
(14 pp)

Tue Mar 29



Ferrite isolators; isolator types: (Faraday rotation isolator, resonance isolator; field displacement isolator). propagation in ferrite-loaded rectangular waveguides; design of resonance isolator in a waveguide; reverse attenuation and forward attenuation; Lax Figure of Merit; design example for H-plane resonance isolator at X-band; design considerations for field displacement isolators; ferrite phase shifters; reciprocal Faraday rotation phase shifters; Reggia-Spencer reciprocal phase shifter; non-reciprocal latching phase shifter

Lecture 15


952 K
(21 pp)

Thur Mar 31
Noise in microwave systems; blackbody radiation; Plancks Law; Rayleigh-Jeans Law; Nyquist formula for noise power; equivalent noise temperature; equiv. noise temp. of an amplifier; noise figure; relation of noise fig. to equiv. temp. Lect Notes 14-rev 1.8 MB
(22 pp)
Tue Apr 5
Noise of a cascaded system; microwave noise power convention; NF of a
superhet receiver; detectors and mixers; diodes as RF detectors; mixers in receivers
Lect Notes 15 1.54 M
(21 pp)
Thur Apr 7

Distortion in nonlinear devices; harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion; 1 dB gain compression point; dynamic range of amplifiers; IMD in 3rd-order products for two-tone inputs to amplifiers; 3rd-order intercept point

Intro to transistor RF amplifiers; MESFETs and BJTs.

Lect Notes 15-Suppl.


900 K
(11 pp)


Tue Apr 12

Transducer power gain; amplifier stability criteria; stability circles on Smith Chart; conditions for maximum transducer gain; conditions for unconditional stability; design for specified gain.

Ansoft Designer modeling of a FET amplifier

Lect Notes 16

Suppl. Notes 16 FET / Designer

1.53 M
(20 pp)

208 K

Thur Apr 14


Design of X-band MESFET amplifier; design fo max. gain; stability and max.
gain; 2-port GaAs FET, common-source;

Lect Notes 17

5.2 M

Tue Apr 19
Design of low-noise transistor amplifiers; microwave diode and transistor
oscillators; conversion of common-source S-parameters to common-gate
S-parameters; stability of common-gate FET amplifier
Lect Notes 18 1.91 M
(21 pp)
Thur Apr 21   No class today    
Tue Apr 26
PIN diode switches; PIN diode phase shifters
19A: GaAs FET amplifier with min. noise figure

Lect Notes 19
Notes 19A

1.38 M
(19 pp)
Thur Apr 28
Antennas; short dipoles; far-field antenna pattern of a short dipole;
main beam, beamwidth, sidelobes; aperture antennas; directivity; effective
area of a receiving antenna; aperture efficiency
Lect Notes 20 1.34 M
(19 pp)
Tue May 3
Antenna efficiency; antenna gain; gain relation to directivity; antenna
noise temperature; antenna radiometric temperature; Friis transmission
formula; microwave receiver noise; signal-to-noise ratios in 2-way
communication links
Lect Notes 21 1.32 M
(18 pp)
Thur May 5
Radars; radar range equation; radar frequency bands; radar transmitter technology; radar cross section of small, medium, large objects; RCS of a metal sphere; pulse radar; CW radars; FM radars; final exam review. Lect Notes 22 1.34 M
(17 pp)
Tue May 10
Microwave radiometers; remote sensing applications; total power radiometer; airborne MW radiometers; noise equiv. delta-T; Dicke-switched radiometers; microwave propagation in the atmosphere; attenuation of MW signals by atmospheric gases; ionospheric propagation; microwave communication by satellites Lect Notes 23 1.59 M
(19 pp)
Thur May 12
Last class day. Review for final exam.      
May XX
Final Exam - TBA    

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