Software you may want to download (onto your personal computer):

  • Download the Java SE Development Kit 8u121   from Oracle. If you need help, please click here.
  • Download Dr.Java (a Java Development Environment ) Download the app file from the current stable release . No installation is needed because the file that you will be downloading is a binary executable file. Note that the Mac OS X app only works with the Apple Java 6 JDK. It is recommended to download Jar file instead of Mac OS X app if you are using Mac OS X operating system.
  • Download TextPad, the editor installed in the ECS computer labs. 

Useful Documentation:

Capturing Screen Shots :

On a Windows System
On Windows systems, hit the Print Screen key. This copies the screen and places it in your clipboard. Now open any image editor (Like Paint ) and click Edit - Paste. Save this new image .

On a Macintosh System
On a Mac, hit Apple + Shift + 3 . Now paste and save the image using  any image editor installed on your computer.























All handouts will be available online. No paper handouts will be given in class, except during the first lecture. Please visit the course web site regularly to keep yourselves up to date with course events.