Learning how to program and how to be an engineer requires a significant amount of discipline and collaboration with your instructors and your fellow students.  We assume that you will attend all lectures, discussion sections and labs. Projects and assignments are to be submitted on Moodle as per the deadline given on the site. Students are responsible for keeping up to date with the class announcements through the course web site. Late submission will not be accepted.  

The ECE Honor Code Policy seeks to emphasize engineering ethics as an important part of your education and career, and to enhance the value of your ECE degree from UMass. Simply put, the policy requires that each ECE student demonstrate high ethical standards by attesting to personal honesty and integrity for each examination taken. The policy fits within the framework of the existing Academic Honesty Policy  of the University, and is similar to that used by other universities.

Copying of programs, written home works, or exams is not permitted. You can talk to other students about the assignments, but the work must be substantially by yourself. Any student violating these rules can receive a grade of F for the course.


All handouts will be available online. No paper handouts will be given in class, except during the first lecture. Please visit the course web site regularly to keep yourselves up to date with course events.