The Center for Advanced Sensor and Communication Antennas (CASCA) seeks to spawn developments of use in a wide range of applications and to transfer new technology developments to military and commercial marketplaces. In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratories Sensors Directorate (AFRL/SN), Antenna Technology Branch, and the University of Massachusetts Electrical and Computer Engineering, Antennas and Propagation Laboratory recognized that new investments in antenna technology are needed now to support current and future requirements for advanced military and commercial systems used for communication, radar, security and safety. They formed a partnership that has become CASCA. CASCA provides a framework in which antenna technology and development can advance with direction, purpose and creativity. From the outset, CASCA has relied upon industrial collaborations to achieve its purposes. In addition to technology development and transfer, UMass is committed to increasing the number of engineers educated to work on antennas and related technologies.

For more information about CASCA please contact:

Dan Schaubert
UMass Amherst
Electrical and Computer Eng.
Amherst, MA  01003

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