Nanoarchitectures Reading Group

ECS Faculty, 2002
Time/Place: Monday (see dates below), 1PM, in Knowles conference room.

# Date Topic Presenter/Responsible
1 Feb 4 S. Goldstein and M. Budiu, NanoFabrics: Spatial Computing Using Molecular Electronics, ISCA,2001 Moritz
2 Feb 11 Science articles from 12/21/02 (Molecules Get Wired) , 11/09/02 (Toward Nanocomputers) handed out by Andersson
3 Feb 25 Update on Nano and Molecular Electronics: Overview and Perspective, Workshop Impressions (Andersson)
J.C.Ellenbogen, J.C. Love, Architectures for molecular electronic computers, Proc IEEE, March 2000.

Discussion about NSF funding and nanoarchitecture research directions (Moritz)

4 March 11 N.M. Niemier, P.M.Kogge, Exploring and Exploiting Wire-Level Pipelining in Emerging Technologies, ISCA 2001
Discussion about a recent Austin startup in the nanotech area span off from UT Texas. story5.html

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5 March 26 DNA based computing - NanoMedArticles.html, "Toward in-vivo digital circuits" Moritz, Burlesson
6 May 6 Architectures based on carbon nano tubes, nano wires: A Dehon, molecular_nsc2002.pdf Cieselsky
7 May 13    
8 May 20    
9 May 27 Bio computing and bio informatics (Feng, PhD student) Feng/Moritz
10 June 3    
11 June 10    


List of papers available to select for presentations (from the 1st workshop on non-silicon computing):

  • Towards a Universal Building Block of Molecular and Silicon Computation, Steven Swanson and Mark Oskin
  • Towards a Reconifigurable Nanocomputer Platform, Paul Beckett
  • Non-Silicon Non-Binary Computing: Why Not?, I. Dubrova, Y. Jamal, J. Mathew
  • Summary of the NSF Workshop on Nanoelectronics , Peter Kogge
  • Memory in Motion: A Study of Storage Structures in QCA, S. E. Frost, A. F. Rodrigues, A. W. Janiszewski, R. T. Rausch, and P. M. Kogge
  • A Potentially Implementable FPGA for Quantum Dot Cellular Automata, Michael T. Niemier, Arun F. Rodrigues, and Peter M. Kogge
  • A Complete Programming Environment for DNA Computing, Steven Carroll
  • The Device Physics of Cellular Logic Gates, Ron Weiss and Subhayu Basu
  • Memory Hierarchies for Quantum Data, D. Copsey, M. Oskin, F.T. Chong, I. Chuang, and K. Abdel-Ghaffar
  • Array-Based Architecture for Molecular Electronics, Andre Dehon
  • Scalable Defect Tolerance for Molecular Electronics, Mahim Mishra and Seth C. Goldstein
  • Fault-Tolerant NanoBoxes for Designing Computers Using Molecular Technology, AJ KleinOsowski, Richard A. Kiehl, and David J. Lilja.

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