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Programming for this course may be done on your own PC or the PCs belonging to UMASS OIT, which run Java under Visual Cafe, or any of the CSE or ECS Unix machines. It is recommended that you use your own machine/laptop and bring it with you for the presentation. If you don't have a laptop in your group please contact the TA in time and send all files that are required to run your program. 

 Each group must also have (1) a report, and (2) a Javadoc based documentation of the code. For use of Javadoc please read SUN's Java tutorial (in case you have problems) or  ask the TA/instructor for help. The report  components include: overview, source code, and screen capture of your program running with output/result. It should be handed in hardcopy format. The code including the documentation and reports should also be stored in a Java jar file. You should be able to run the code from the jar directly during the demo. Each student in a group should be able to answer questions related to the Lab.  

There are many excellent IDEs on the market that you can use if you have your own PC and want to learn a Java development environment or simply use JDE with Emacs.

I recommend to use the latest standard edition or J2SE 5.0. You can download it from Sunís website. Nevertheless, even earlier versions (e.g., 1.3, 1.4)  would work for the projects. The web page is: http://java.sun.com/j2se/index.jsp

On-Line Java Help

  • Java at Sun
  • On-Line Java Tutorial at SUN

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