Students proposed to be accepted for CS377:

If you are on the list you need to override your course. Please go to the
CMPSCI Main Office and complete an Override Form. 

Comments here:


1. Condon, Chrostopher CS
2. DeAndrado, Armindo CSE
3. Dumais, Robert CS
4. Gooi, Chung Heong CS
5. Grimes, Keith CSE
6. Hennessey, Garrett CSE
7. Ihedigbo, Nathaniel CSE was in MHC course
8. Imm, Sayannarith CSE
9. Kennefick Jared CSE
10. Mason, Ben CS
11. Phung, Phat Giang CSE
12. Piziak, Jessica CS
13. Ramos, Vicens CSE
14. Sengupta, Debangsu CS
15. Steele, K-Lone CS prereq transfer credit in process
16. Ying, Melissa CS

Probably Valid but Unverified:
17. Ationo, Lilian CSE recent transfer


These students may be added: ECE Students
Baird Soules should decide if they are accepted

18. Eke, Joseph ENGIN ECE 232 was in MHC course
19. Lazar, Peter CAS ECE 232
20. Patel, Ankit CSE ECE 232
21. Prou, Yari CSE ECE 232 was in MHC course
22. Rao, Arun CSE ECE 232
23. Ross, Kenji CSE ECE 232

Non CS or ECE, I suggest to accept them.

24. Brunache, Josue CAS/C
25. Guo, Lixiong MATH grad
26. Pei, Fang nondeg grad "equiv of 201"
27. Qu, PengZhan MATH grad no 201?
28. Yu, Fang MATH grad "equiv of 201"
29. Zhang, Aihong MCB grad
30. Zhu, Tao MATH grad


Feb 1, 2001, 15.00