CMPSCI 377: Operating Systems (Spring 2001)
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Course Description

This course will provide an introduction to operating system design and implementation. The operating system provides a well-known, convenient,
and efficient interface between user programs and the bare hardware of the computer on which they run. The operating system is responsible for
allowing resources (e.g., disks, networks, and processors) to be shared, providing common services needed by many different programs (e.g., file
service, the ability to start or stop processes, and access to the printer), and protecting individual programs from one another.

The course will start with a brief historical perspective of the evolution of operating systems over the last fifty years, and then cover the major components
of most operating systems. This discussion will cover the tradeoffs that can be made between performance and functionality during the design and
implementation of an operating system. Particular emphasis will be given to three major OS subsystems: process management (processes, threads,
CPU scheduling, synchronization, and deadlock), memory management (segmentation, paging, swapping), file systems, and operating system support
for distributed systems. The course programming assignments are in Java/C.


Course Information/Staff
Csaba Andras Moritz
Teaching Assistant:
Ying Liu
Tutor Volunteers: Class lectures: Class Discussions: Credits: 4
If you have difficulties with
some of the OS concepts you
can also contact the persons
(fellow students)
below for help.
AEBN 119,
MWF 1:25-2:15
(campus map here)
AEBN 119,
F 12:20
Dept of Electrical and Computer Eng,
Knowles Building, room 309H
University of Massachusetts
Amherst MA 01003
Phone: (413) 545 2442
Steve Morin
Ben Mason
Alex Dingle

Office Hours: MW 4:00-5:00 pm,
Room 309H/Knowles, or by appointment

Note: If your questions relate to
the labs or homeworks
always ask the TA first!
Office hours: TF 9.30-10.30
Location: LGRT 220
Note: Marc Liberatore is leading
the discussion sessions

Course Materials

Student Notice: The course material/handouts will be available online.
Students are responsible for checking the class website regularly and printing/viewing the material.
No handouts in form of hardcopy will be given in class.

ONLINE Handouts :

Acknowledgement: This class is leveraging/building on materials from previous years.

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