How Does a Company Obtain Assistance?

All work is "Demand Driven"

The Company requests assistance

The CMP reviews company request

Ofen the CMP assesses the Company's needs

A Contract between Company and CMP is established, with faculty, staff or consultants named to do work

The Company and CMP, with Federal and State money, cost share the work

How Does CMP Deliver Its Services?

CMP customizes its services to solve each client's specific technical, manufacturing and/or management problems. It offers companies three complementary approaches:
CMP also sponsors intensive in- service training programs for Massachusetts companies focussing on specific areas of manufacturing and management. These programs may include on- site meetings at participating companies. In addition to CMP and UMASS personnel, programs may utilize outside consultants. For instance, CMP collaborates with the British Standards Institution in a program to assist companies to register for ISO 9000 Quality Management System standards.

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