Dr. Hillel Shuval

Hillel Shuval has an undergraduate degree in water resources and environmental engineering from Cornell University, and a graduate degree in Environmental Health and Engineering from the University of Michigan. After his tenure as the Chief Environmental Health Engineer for the new State of Israel, he was appointed Professor of Environmental Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he founded the Division of Environmental Sciences at the Freddy and Nadine Herrmann School Of Applied Science. His academic career has seen him participate as a visiting professor at MIT, the University of Michigan, and Harvard University; he is currently serving as a visiting Professor at the International Academy of the Environment in Geneva.

As an international environmental engineering and water resources expert, Professor Hillel has advised: agencies of the United Nations (including the World Health Organization and the United Nations Environment Program); an array of government bodies (including the European Union); the World Bank; and other important organizations (such as US AID). His engineering consultancy work has taken him to Chile, Peru, India, Australia, Egypt, France, Switzerland, the United States of America, and the People's Republic of China.

In recognition of his excellent contribution to promoting environmental quality in Israel, including a campaign to safeguard and conserve underground aquifers, he was awarded Israel’s Environmental Quality Award in 1988. After serving as co-chairman for the first Israeli-Palestinian international academic conference on water in 1992, he has since participated in joint research projects with Egyptian, Palestinian and Jordanian water scientists on transboundary environmental problems, and studies on resolving water conflicts in the Middle East.

Professor Shuval’s professional affiliations are both national and international in scope, and reflect his being held in high esteem by his peers:

·        The American Academy of Environmental Engineers (Diplomat)

·        The American Public Health Association (Fellow)

·        The International Water Quality Association (past Vice-President)

·        The Israel Ecological Association (past Chair)

·        The Israel chapter of the International Water Resources Association (Chair)

Hillel’s areas of research include water quality, water disinfection, waterborne viral pathogens, marine pollution, low cost wastewater treatment, wastewater recycling and reuse, global water resources planning and management, and resolution of Middle East water conflicts. He has published extensively (over 200 papers), and some of these are available online:

·        A Reevaluation of Conventional Wisdom on Water Security, Food Security, and Water Stress in Arid Countries in the Middle East” can be found on the net at the site of Green Cross International, the international environmental NGO that holds general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

·        The Water Issues on the Jordan River Basin between Israel, Syria and Lebanon can be a Motivation for Peace and Regional Cooperation can be found within the pages of an online Green Cross International publication entitled Water for Peace in the Middle East and Southern Africa.

·        Wastewater recycling and reuse as a water resource for Mediterranean countries: hygienic and technological aspects was a presentation given at the
IIème Conférence Méditerranéenne sur l'Eau in Rome.

·         Evaluation of the Efficacy of a New Secondary Disinfectant Formulation Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver and the Formulation of Disinfection By-Products Resulting >From Interactions with Conventional Disinfectants

Other readings of interest for today’s presentation include "Don't ask us to be quiet when we are thirsty!", and more can be found online at the Directory of Selected Palestinian Water-related Publications.


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Prepared by: David Tipping