2015 fall students

Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Seminar (CEE 691A)

Fall 2017 - Organized by: Professor John Tobiason

All are in room 323 of the Elab building starting at 2:30 PM (refreshments at 2:15), unless otherwise noted;

prior to 9/29 all seminars were at 12:20 PM in Elab 303.




Seminar Title

9/8 Joshua Cunningham UMass Amherst Intemediate Ferrate Oxidation for Drinking Water Treatment (Poster)
9/15 Katherine Schlef, and Sarah Freeman UMass Amherst The Challenge of Flooding, and Designing Freshwater Resilience in the Valley of Mexico (Poster)
9/22 Chul Park UMass Amherst Photogranulation in wastewater treatment, on glacier surface, and elsewhere (Poster)
9/29 Andrea Silverman NYU Sunlight inactivation of waterborne viruses and bacteria: Modeling inactivation rates in the presence of light-attenuating compounds and photosensitizers (Poster)


Michele Prevost Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal FENG LECTURE
10/13 Megan Hann & Wenye Kuo-Dahab UMass Amherst The Impact of Nitrogen Availability on Oxygenic Photogranule Formation under Static Conditions, & The Role of Extracellular Polymeric Substances in the Hydrostatic Cultivation of Oxygenic Photogranules (Poster)
10/20 Aarthi Mohan UMass Amherst Furthering oil spill research (Poster)
10/27 Appala Raju Badireddy Univ. of Vermont Innovative Nanomaterials for Water Security: Emerging Opportunities and Risks (Poster)
11/03 Mariam Alkattan & Zehui Xia UMass Amherst Service as Personal and Professional Development: 3 Things I Learned During my Peace Corps Service in West Africa, & Membrane Disruption Induced by Nanoparticles with Cationic Charge and Protein Corona (Poster)
11/10 Onur G. Apul UMass Lowell Adsorption of Organic Compounds by Carbon Nanomaterials: Exploring Intermolecular Interactions to Advance in Water Treatment Technologies (Poster)
11/17 Hassan Khan UMass Amherst Effect of Climate Change and Transaction Costs on Performance of Groundwater Markets
12/01 Gordon Johnson Portland (ME) Water District Enhanced Project Delivery – Asset Management as if Operations and Maintenance Mattered (Poster)
12/08 Chinendum Eluwa & Alec Bernstein UMass Amherst Seeking Evidence of Altered Climatology due to River Basin Development in East Africa & Water and Growth in Tanzania (Poster)




The EWRE program was established by Professor Tsuan Hua "Tom" Feng in 1965 under the name of "SanitaryEWRE logo faded Engineering". It was changed to "Environmental Engineering" in 1967 and finally to "Environmental and Water Resources Engineering" in 2008. Our first graduate (Henry Hyde) entered the program in the fall of 1965 and graduated with the Class of 1966. Since then over 500 have earned MS or PhD degrees, and in some cases both. The EWRE program is currently served by 10 full-time faculty. All of these faculty have a substantial research focus on water (e.g., natural water, drinking water, wastewater), making the UMass program one of the strongest water engineering programs in the US. Other areas of interest to current and former EWRE faculty include solid & hazardous waste, air pollution, environmental chemistry, microbiology and public health.