2015 fall students

Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Seminar (CEE 692A)

Spring 2016 - Organized by: Professor David Reckhow

all are in 211 Marston Hall at 12:20 PM (refreshments at 12:15), unless otherwise noted




Seminar Title

1/22 Celina Dozier PhD Student, University of Texas, Austin Sol-gel Synthesized Alumina-Titania Particles: Adsorption and Photocatalysis of Ciprofloxacin (Poster)
1/29 Kendra Brown PhD Student, Stanford University Assessing the Contribution of Birds to the Microbial Contamination of Recreational Water (Poster)
2/5 Niveen Ismail Assistant Professor, Smith College, Picker Engineering Program Use of Bivalves for Removal of Contaminants in Natural Systems (Poster)
2/12 Erik Grotton CEO, Blueleaf, Inc. Pilot Testing Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes for Municipalities, Engineers and Vendors (Poster)
2/19 Dana Parr UMass EWRE, Post-doc Challenges and Uncertainties in Predicting the Hydrological Future in the US Northeast
2/26 wk special seminars TBA TBA
3/4 wk special seminars TBA TBA
3/11 no seminar start of spring break
3/25 Ben Warner Post-Doc, Geosciences, UMass, Amherst Competing narratives and conflict in river management in New England's changing climate (Poster)
4/1 @ 2PM (MRST 132) Nancy Love Professor of CEE, University of Michigan AEESP Lecture: The Interplay Between Chemicals and Microbiomes: an Environmental Biotechnology Perspective (Poster)
4/8 @ 3PM (MRST 132) Orren Schneider Manager, Water Techn., American Water Data Analytics for Improved Treatment Plant Performance (Poster)
4/15 Luke Detwiler, Xian Ma, Iman Hosseini Shakib MS Students, UMass Amherst Assessing the potential for alternative operations for hydroelectric projects on the Connecticut River; Comparison of multiple oxidants for the control of DBPs in Drinking Water Treatment Systems; Tracing Biogenic Organic Carbon Compounds in Air and Rain (Poster)
4/22 Gordon Clark, Katie Booras, Jun Gao MS Students, UMass Amherst A Comparative study of regionalization approaches between hydrologic models of varying complexity at ungauged locations; Determining the Skill and Value of Incorporating Streamflow Forecasts into an Early Drought Detection System; Impact of AOPs on DBP Formation in Drinking Water (Poster)




The EWRE program was established by Professor Tsuan Hua "Tom" Feng in 1965 under the name of "SanitaryEWRE logo faded Engineering". It was changed to "Environmental Engineering" in 1967 and finally to "Environmental and Water Resources Engineering" in 2008. Our first graduate (Henry Hyde) entered the program in the fall of 1965 and graduated with the Class of 1966. Since then over 500 have earned MS or PhD degrees, and in some cases both. The EWRE program is currently served by 10 full-time faculty. All of these faculty have a substantial research focus on water (e.g., natural water, drinking water, wastewater), making the UMass program one of the strongest water engineering programs in the US. Other areas of interest to current and former EWRE faculty include solid & hazardous waste, air pollution, environmental chemistry, microbiology and public health.