Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Seminar (CEE 691A)

Fall 2014 - Professor Boris Lau

323 Elab 12:20 PM






Seminar Title


EWRE Faculty UMass Amherst Welcome to EWRE at UMass
9/12 Yuri Gorby Associate Professor, CEE, Renssalear Polytechnic Inst. Electromicrobiology:  All Things are Connected
9/19 Shihong Lin Postdoctoral Researcher,, Chem & Env Engrg., Yale University Membrane Distillation: Thermodynamic Analysis and Novel Membrane Development
9/26 Jillian Goldfarb Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Boston University Biomass for Energy and the Environment: Optimizing Fuel and Sorbent Production via Thermochemical Conversion
10/3 Terri Camesano Professor, Chm Engrg., Worcester Polytechnic Institute Nanoparticle interactions with model cell membranes in environmental conditions
10/17 Gonghu Li Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry, University of New Hampshire Sustainable Chemistry: Hybrid Photocatalysts for Solar Energy Conversion
10/24 Jeffrey McCutcheon Associate Professor, Chem & Biomed Engrg., University of Connecticut New Membranes for Forward and Pressure Retarded Osmosis
10/31 John Fortner Assistant Professor, Energy, Environ. & Chemical Engineering, Washington University St. Louis Multifunctional Nanoscale Material Platforms for Advanced Water Treatment and Environmental Sensing
11/7 Andy Whelton Assistant Professor, Env. & Ecological Engrg., Purdue University Water Infrastructure Scientific Needs and Innovation: Disasters, Green Buildings, and Sustainability
11/14 Jennifer Jacobs Professor, CEE Dept., University of New Hampshire Snow in the Northeast: Past, Present and Future

Christine J. Kirchhoff

Assistant Professor, CEE Dept., University of Connecticut
US States as Laboratories of Innovation or Crisis Managers? Characteristics that Promote Resilient Water Governance for Climate Adaptation

Rachael Weiter

MS Student, CEE Department, UMass, Amherst

Barrier Removal Prioritization for Stream Resident Species on the Westfield River in Western Massachusetts

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