Mr. Robert Zimmerman, can I sail on the Charles River today?  How about 50 years from now?




Robert Zimmerman, Jr. is the executive director of the Charles River Watershed Authority (CRWA).   Mr. Zimmerman will be presenting his viewpoint on how engineers have become “too good” at routing wastewater away from replenishing groundwater supplies.  “Water and Wastewater Sustainability; Stories from the Front” will examine that close link between engineering practices and sustainability.




What is the Charles River Watershed Authority? Charles River Watershed Authority


            The CRWA is an organization which acts as a link between the government and the public for the clean-up and watershed protection of the Charles River.  Through continued effort and a volunteer program, portions of the Charles River are now swimmable.  Current projects include Environmental Zoning Projects based on Comprehensive Wastewater Management Planning and continued water quality monitoring.


            The CRWA website provides useful tips to individuals as well as businesses on water source protection.  Every modeller’s dream is on this site; Excel spreadsheets of water quality parameters along the Charles River Basin can be easily accessed.  For the watersport lover, water quality is indicated with a colored flag and scheduled race results and notices are posted.




Why is sustainability important?


            Sustainability does not arise out of ignorance.  The Institute for Sustainable Futures has been established to provide guidance.  For some, it is necessary to implement a water policy that creates sustainable use.  Others prefer an on-line learning zone.  The EPA, of course, has its own ideas.



After listening to Mr. Robert Zimmerman, Jr., see if you can make the link between sustainability and engineering practice!!!


Treats will follow presentation.




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