William Mitch, PhD

William Mitch, currently an Assistant Professor of Environmental and Chemical Engineering at Yale University, began his education at Harvard University where he majored in Archaeology. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, he changed his focus to Environmental Engineering and received his M.S. from University of California at Berkeley. He then worked in consulting for three years before returning to UC Berkeley to attain his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering with Professor David Sedlack. He graduated in May 2003, and began at Yale shortly thereafter in July 2003.

Dr. Mitch will be presenting the research that was the focus of his Ph.D., the formation of N-nitrosamines during the chlorination of drinking water, which he has continued to study at Yale. In addition to DBP formation, Dr. Mitch also studies wastewater reuse, advanced oxidation processes and other topics of environmental aqueous organic chemistry.