Douglas Borgatti, PhD, PE, DEE

Doug Borgatti is a well-known professional in the wastewater treatment industry. Currently, Dr. Borgatti works as the operations director for the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission. As operation director he is responsible for a regional 67 mgd wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and a regional 100 mgd WWTP. In his previous work experiences Dr. Borgatti has been involved in almost every aspect of the wastewater treatment process. While working in Toledo Ohio he specialized in N-viro AASSAD technology, which is an alkaline stabilization process and N-Viro Soil processes for beneficial use sludge management. Dr. Borgatti's other industry jobs have involved the hauling, landfill disposal, and beneficial use of sludge, odor control, regulations, permitting, budgetary issues, sludge management with portable belt press dewatering, and most other aspects of daily plant operation.

Dr. Borgatti has received numerous awards; most recently Dr. Borgatti received the Alfred E. Peloquin Award from the New England Water Environment Association. He participates in various Water Environment Federation committees, such as the committee on beneficial use program for biosolids management and the committee on odor control in WWTP. In addition, Dr. Borgatti is a water environment research foundation reviewer. Dr. Borgatti obtained a Ph.D in Civil engineering at University of Notre Dame. He received a M.E. in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Soon, Doug Borgatti will be a familiar name in the UMASS environmental engineering graduate program, as he will be teaching the wastewater portion of CEE 770, the drinking water and wastewater design class.