Bio: Dan Bordeau

Dan Bordeau received his B.S. in civil engineering from the University of MA-Dartmouth. As an undergrad he worked five semesters as a co-op civil engineer at several civil engineering firms. At his most recent co-op, Dan worked at Eath Tech, Inc. where he assisted in survey projects management, construction layout, and topographical surveys; researched records; interpreted survey data; and generated existing conditions plans. He is currently working towards a masters in environmental engineering at UMASS Amherst and is expected to complete his M.S in May. Dan received the Bernard B. Berger Award for Graduate Studies in Environmental Engineering this spring for his excellence and dedication to environmental engineering research. He is currently looking for an entry level engineering position in the areas of water resources and site characterization and remediation. His thesis and seminar presentation present his research on the effect of beaver on stream water quality.

Seminar Topic: Influence of Beaver on Water Quality during Hydrological Events

Presented By: Dan Bordeau

A paired watershed study, funded by the American Water Works Association Research Foundation and in support by the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation , was conducted to evaluate the impacts of beaver ( Caster Canadensis ) on stream water quality. The watersheds were located on the Prescott Peninsula of the Quabbin Reservoir in central Massachusetts. The reference watershed, Middle Branch Dickey Brook was primarily forested with free ranging wildlife and the treatment watershed, Griswold Brook was forested under beaver influence with free ranging wildlife. The talk will focus on the impacts on nutrient export in terms of mass load and flow weighted mean concentrations between watersheds as well as loading between baseline and hydrological event conditions. He will also present Cryptosporidium and Giardia export from a beaver influenced watershed compared to the non influenced watershed (i.e. free ranging wildlife).