CEE 690K

Environmental Reaction Kinetics

Homework #8


1.     Read the paper by King, 1998 ["Role of Carbonate Speciation on the Oxidation Rate of Fe (II) in Aquatic Systems," by D. Whitney King, Env. Sci. & Technol. 32:2997-3003] and prepare a 1-page critique.

2.     Use the thermodynamic constants (Table 1) and the kinetic constants (Table 4) developed in this paper to estimate the kapp for the oxygenation of Fe(II) in a water containing 0.5 mg/L iron all in the +II oxidation state.  This water also has the following properties: pH 7.5, a total carbonate concentration of 2.5 mM, a temperature of 25ēC, and an ionic strength of near zero.

3.     Now using the results from #2, estimate the half-life of Fe(II) in the above water under conditions of  aeration.  Assume a steady state oxygen concentration of 7 mg/L.



Assigned: 6 May 08

Due: 13 May 08