CEE 690K

Environmental Reaction Kinetics

Homework #7


1.     Read the paper by Rebenne et al., 1996 ["Aqueous Chlorination Kinetics and Mechanism of Substituted Dihydroxybenzenes," by L.M. Rebenne, A.C. Gonzales & T.M. Olson, Env. Sci. & Technol. 30:2235-2242] and prepare a 1-page critique.

2.     Use the LFER relationship developed in this paper to estimate the k2 and k3 rate constants for 4-nitroresorcinol.

3.     Now using the results from #2, estimate the half-life of 4-nitroresorcinol in a chlorine contactor at pH 7.0.  Assume a steady state chlorine concentration of 3.5 mg/L.



Assigned: 24 Apr 08

Due: 1 May 08