Breaking the Chemical
and Engineering Barriers to
Lignocellulosic Biofuels

A Workshop to Develop the Roadmap for Making Lignocellulosic Biofuels a Practical Reality


Session Notes
Invited Participants



Invited Participants...


Auerbach, Scott • University of Massachusetts Amherst

Badger, Phillip • Renewable Oil International

Bain, Richard • National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Bakshi, Bhavik R. • Ohio State University

Bartholomew, Calvin • Brigham Young University

Blommel, Paul • Virent Energy Systems

Boateng, A.A. (Kwesi) • United States Department of Agriculture

Boehman, André L. • Pennsylvania State University

Boulard, David C. • ENSYN

Brown, Robert • Iowa State University

Cameron, Douglas • Khosla Ventures

Chuang, Steven • University of Akron

Conner, Curt • University of Massachusetts Amherst

Czernik, Steven • National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Davis, Burt • University of Kentucky

Dean, Anthony • Colorado School of Mines

Dietenberger, Mark A. • United States Department of Agriculture

Dumesic, James A. • University of Wisconsin-Madison

Elliott, Douglas • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Feik, Calvin • National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Fireovid, Robert • United States Department of Agriculture

Fjare, Kristi • Conoco-Phillips

Foust, Thomas • National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Francisco, Manuel A. • Exxon-Mobil

Gaffney, Anne • ABB Lummus

Gangwal, Santosh • Research Triangle Institute International

Gates, Bruce • University of California- Davis

Gerry, Frank • British Petroleum

Goodwin, James • Clemson University

Grabowski, Paul• Department of Energy

Hamilton, Bruce • National Science Foundation

Hewgley, John • General Electric Research

Holladay, John • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Huber, George • University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Jones, Christopher • Georgia Tech

Jones, Mark • Dow Chemicals

Katz, Alexander • University of California-Berkeley

Kung, Harold • Northwestern University

Lucia, Angelo • University of Rhode Island

Mahajan, Devinder • Brookhaven National Laboratory

Malone, Mike • University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Manzer, Leo • Catalytic Insights

Marinangeli, Richard • Universal Oil Products

Marincean, Simona • Michigan State University

Miranda, Raul• Department of Energy- Basic Science

Mulqueen, Michael • Defense Advanced Research Project Agency

Pezzullo, Leslie• BCS, Incorporated

Reed, Valeria • Department of Energy Office of Biomass

Regalbuto, John • UIC, National Science Foundation

Rhodes, William D. • Savannah River National Laboratory

Ro, Kyoung S. • United States Department of Agriculture

Saxton, Bob • Symyx

Schmidt, Lanny • University of Minnesota

Shanks, Brent• Iowa State University

Song, Chunshan • Pennsylvania State University

Steele, Philip H. • Mississippi State University

Stevens, Don • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Stevens, James F. • Chevron

Suppes, Galen • University of Missouri

Turn, Scot • University of Hawaii

Vanderspurt, Thomas Henry • United Technologies Research Center

Vrana, Bruce • Dupont

Wang, Yang • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Weatherwax, Sharlene • Department of Energy-Office of Biological and Environmental Research

Wesson, Rosemarie D. • National Science Foundation

Westmoreland, Phil • National Science Foundation

Wyman, Charlie • University of California Riverside

Xu, Ye • Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Zhang, Conrad • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Zullo, Luca • Cargill