The mission of the ASCE/AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC) is to supplement the education of civil engineering students with a comprehensive, student-driven project experience from conception and design through fabrication, erection and testing, culminating in a steel structure that meets client specifications and optimizes performance and economy. The SSBC increases awareness of real-world issues such as spatial constraints, material properties, strength, serviceability, fabrication and erection processes, safety, aesthetics and cost. Success in inter-collegiate competition requires effective team work and project management. Future engineers are stimulated to innovate, practice professionalism and use structural steel efficiently.

Steel Bridge Competition

The Regional and National Student Steel Bridge Competitions are held annually during the spring semester. The competition is sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the American Institute of Steel Construction System (AISC). The students design and build the bridge by themselves with the help from faculty. There steel bridge are judged on many aspect including build time, ability to hold a given load without failure, stiffness, and aesthetics. The overall winners from the Regional competition advances to compete in the National Competition. Our UMass ASCE Steel Bridge Team Adviser is Dr. Scott Civjan.

This year's competition was held on April 3th - 4th, 2009 at Wentworth Institution of Technology. Here are UMass ASCE Steel Bridge Competition results from this year and past years:

2009: 4th place overall and 1st place in stiffness (out of 11)
Design Captains: Aimee O'Brien and Bill Goulet

2008: 6th place overall (out of 11)
Design Captains: Bill Goulet

2007: 10th place overall (out of 11)
Design Captains: Elizabeth Chagnon

UMass ASCE Steel Bridge Gallery